Coronavirus, COVID 19, in our dogs and cats

I share in this video things to consider with COVID 19.

I worked in vector disease, insect disease, for 12 years with my Microbiology degree.  When I graduated in 1995 I asked why these bugs had not taken more of us.  There were so many bad infectious agents out in the world.  A good thing I did not become a germ phobe.  My passion was to ask questions as to why certain things happened.  I want to share my knowledge here to help ease your mind that we are safe.
A few resources on the recent research with Coronavirus in dogs.
There were 2 dogs in Hong Kong that tested positive for Coronavirus with no symptoms.
American Kennel Club posted an article with updated information on dogs and corona virus.  A pug in NC tested positive as the first canine case.
Idexx has done research since March and now has a test for pets from your Veterinarian.  They say dogs may have virus on their coat if the owner is sick and I talked about this in my video.  Now they are finding cats may transmit the virus to humans.
A cohesive article on all the research for COVID 19 and Dogs from Fluent Woof.
I will continue to review research and update as new information comes available.
Leave questions in the comments and I am happy to answer them.