My Method

I build trust with your dog by allowing them time to feel comfortable working with me.   Dog fitness exercise training sessions provides a safe, trusting, and fun environment.  Together we explore ways to improve your dog’s performance with their favorite toy, activity or job.  A little bit of specific daily dog exercises will build improved strength, body awareness, and mental alertness. We are here to support you and your family member or working partner.

I have learned exercise, stretching, and nutrition build a foundation for a healthy dog through my work since 2012 as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. My health lessons from chronic infection with West Nile Virus help me to relate to their injuries for a fitness plan.  By observing your dog’s individual personalities and behaviors to tailor training programs that work for their specific needs. Together we can reach your PAWer Pup’s health goals for a happier long life with you.

If you are looking for a dog walker or dog trainer read our services below to find the right session for your dog or contact Jennifer at 970-294-3222 or

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Services Offered  


PAWsome Dog Fitness Park and Center: The dog fitness park is a safe place where you and your dog can improve fitness and have fun. We have agility and parkour equipment for you to train on in a safe environment.  There is plenty of room to run wild and catch a ball or frisbee.  A great place to work on recall, agility skills, play for a reactive dog, or strengthen up your dog mentally and physically.

Dog Fitness Evaluations: A body assessment, fitness test, and goal creation for your dog to the be the best at their sport, job, or life.

Dog Walking Fitness Training: Your dog will become stronger with our dog walking for sport/work performance or family pet. We will walk and exercise your dog while you work.  You will have a tired pup when you get home.

Virtual Dog Fitness Training: We work together, no mater the geography, through zoom

Customized Plans: We can tailor exercises specific to your dogs job or fitness needs.  Weather your dog is high performance search dog or a back yard dog we would love to help you reach any goal you have for a stronger dog.

Group Dog Training Classes: (In person or virtual) We will work on building coordination, core, leg strength, and nose scent work in your dog.  Creating a stronger team for you both while having fun!

Nutrition for healing:  Standard Process Patient Direct and canine nutrition assessments.

Vet Nurse Visit: Your dog will benefit as they do not have to get in the car and stress when they get to the clinic.   I provide nail trims. give IV fluids, take out sutures, reapply a bandage, or any custom visit you need.   To include healing touch energy that can assist them when it is time to leave this world.  Some visits will need a veterinarian pre approval.  I am here to assist in anyway to make your dog more comfortable.  Yes I can do cat nail trims and IV fluids too.  Laser therapy visits to improve healing and decrease inflammation.

Workshops: A collaborative group setting to build a better bond with your dog.  Coming in the winter 23-24.

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