Service Benefits                                   Cost

Group Classes (1 hour)                                          $30- $175

Fitness Evaluations (1 hour)                                  $115

1 on 1 Coaching (1 hour)                                         $75

Pet Nutrition Consult (1 hour)                                $40

Workshops (2 hours)                                               $40

Special Needs Dog Sitting  (per day)                    $135

(subject to change)

Group Classes (1 hour)

Fuzzy Gym BuddyTM Fitness-  A class designed to keep your dog and you in shape while building a strong bond together.  We will work on building coordination, core and leg strength. $30 a class.  If you want to check the class out you have 2 options.  1. a 15 min consult call to talk about the class with your dog.  2. Come to the first class for free with an option of a $15 donation if you like the class.  Register here

Dog Fitness Conditioning- Your dog has been inside all winter and is not ready to go hike and play with you outside. Is your dogs body ready for spring after a winter hibernation?  In this class you will learn tools to increase your dogs body awareness and strength to hike safely without injury.

Dog Fitness Basics- This is a one hour class to help you and your dog learn the basics of dog fitness so you are more confident in the Fuzzy Gym BuddyTM class.  You will learn basic tools to keep your dog strong to avoid injury. $60 class

Advanced Dog Fitness- You will learn to identify when your dog is executing a exercise with the correct form.