Dog Fitness Evaluations for their Best Life with You!

walking a dog

Dog Fitness Evaluations: A body assessment, fitness test, and goal creation for your dog to the be the best at their sport, job, or life.  If your dog has a bad knee or back we can create a plan that for a better life with both of you.

Dog Fitness Training Session: Creating a stronger dog for sport/work performance or family walks. We will walk and exercise your dog while you work.

Parkour Agility Personal Session: With each visit we will work together to help your dog have better body awareness and strength. We will work to execute the plan together to meet you and your dogs life goals. You can have a better relationship by learning how to listen to their behavior communication with exercise.

Virtual Dog Fitness Training Session: We work together, no mater the geography, through zoom

Customized Plans: We can tailor exercises specific to your dogs job or fitness needs.  Weather your dog is high performance search dog or a back yard dog we would love to help you reach any goal you have for a stronger dog.

Specific for your dogs body awareness

I spend time in person or virtual, through zoom, to asses your dogs body awareness, proprioception, and muscle strength. We can create a plan together to meet you and your dogs life goals.

If I find anything that concerns me I will refer you to your veterinarian. Since 2012 I have been helping dogs recover from back, neck, and knee injuries as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Technician. I use those skills to create a safe sustainable plan to prevent injury for your dog.

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german shepard dog evaluation