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Puppy Parkour Fitness Fun Class

Puppies can have fun with fitness too!  Build a stronger pup and a stronger bond through canine conditioning specifically for your puppy. Have fun learning exercises with safety to prevent injury throughout their life. Watch your puppy’s body confidence grow as they learn how to balance, weight shift, and wake up their nervous system. All while having fun doing back ups, give paw and more! Classes are broken into two age groups.  Ages 4 months- 1 year and 1  year -2 year old.

Agility Parkour Fitness Fun Class 

Build a stronger dog and a stronger bond through canine conditioning with agility and parkour equipment (6 sessions). Have fun together learning exercises with safety to prevent injury during your life adventures. Watch your dogs body confidence grow as they learn how to balance, weight shift, and listen to their nervous system. Learn how to safely work on the agility and parkour equipment for building a more confident dog! Ages 2 year and older.

NoCo Extreme Dog Games

This takes balance to the next level so you can climb those rocky mountains safely together or join a competition.  Learn the skills to see the challenges your dog is having with obstacles to help them over and be their best dog!  Highly suggested: Must have an understanding of basic obedience cues and completed Agility/parkour class for something similar from another instructor.   Registration is limited to 6 person/dog teams.

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Class Modules for Parkour Agility Fitness Foundations

Module 1: Introduction to Parkour Agility Fitness Foundations

– Overview of parkour- human, dog, observation,

– Safety guidelines and equipment introduction

– Stay Aware- Anatomy

Module 2: Building Confidence and Coordination

– Consistency in training for everyday life

-Strong glutes, hams quads

-Step up- 2 feet on, 4 feet on

Module 3: Feet Awareness

– Teaching to navigate obstacles

– Incorporating basic agility elements into parkour training

-Step over- various obstacles

Module 4: Body Flexibility

– Teaching puppies to balance on narrow surfaces and climb low obstacles

– Introducing jumping and weaving techniques


Module 5: Everyday Environment

– Park Basics

– Adding distractions

– Emphasizing safety and proper form

Module 6: Putting It All Together

– Review of all skills learned in previous modules

– Designing and completing a full parkour course

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Shepard through tire

Online Group Dog Exercise Classes from the Comfort of your Home

You may have wanted to take a dog fitness class and can not find the right time.  Your dog has some behavior challenges and you do not want to take them to a group class.  Online dog fitness is the right fit.  It is a supportive group to learn how to build stronger a dog with you for your best lives.  We will guide you through Yoga, Exercise foundations, and Nose work.

Yoga with Your Dog Class

This class will help train your mind, body and your dog. We will use yogic breathing techniques to help stay centered, calmed and focused. This will help us create more clear and calm communication with our dogs. We will also explore yoga poses that will help us stay grounded and get our dogs used to listening to our instructions while we are moving. This is about finding play and connection with our dogs.  
Prerequisite: Your dog will need a solid 5 plus second sit or down.

Nose Work Class 

Level 1: Foundations (4 sessions): The building blocks for nose scent work, whether you’re doing it for fun or for competition

  1. Building your reward and your dog’s response to odor (Your dog is doing this for their paycheck – steak? chicken? squeaky toy? tug? Whatever it is, it has to be The Best Thing Ever! We’ll spend time making sure each dog is getting the paycheck they want which in nearly all cases is engagement with YOU. Then we will work on the action your dog will take to tell you that they found something – sit, down, stare, bark, etc)
  2. Teaching target odor (What do you want your dog to find? We will be using essential oils. We can use other target odors if you have something else in mind)
  3. Pairing response to odor (Teach the dog to do the action you want that will tell you they found the target)
  4. Basic searching & discrimination (Hides, and ORT: odor recognition test. ORTs teaches the dog that you want them to only go to the trained odor and ignore other things like food, toys, etc)

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