K9 Fitness Works Story

When dog owners experience confusion with their dog’s spinal or knee disease it can be traumatic for the relationship. As a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP), I helped to improve their daily functional abilities by building balance for awareness, coordination to walk again, and strength to hold them when standing. In 2007 I had paresis on my right side from West Nile Virus neuroinvasive infection. Through my work as a CCRP, I watched my dog clients walk again from paralysis in the back legs through exercise, acupuncture, laser, and other modalities. It is my true passion to help a dog build body confidence with exercise for daily functions and a stronger relationship with their owner. As I have worked through my spiritual and energetic learning to heal my body, I can now bring these lessons to my clients. My canine fitness business was born in 2017 to help my clients find healthy perceptions of their dog to strengthen their relationship with a foundation of proper exercise that will prevent injury before the spinal disease. I currently have an inside studio and outside dog fitness park for a safe place to play and group agility parkour classes, energy healing workshops, and community events. The PAWsome dog fitness park is a place friends can bring their dogs to have fun and physically challenging experiences together. K9 Fitness Works is helping dogs evolve into having more body confidence and communication with their people, while at the same time helping humans be the best possible they can be.

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Dogs Trust Me

Don’t be alarmed if your dog tries to cross the street to say HI to me.  It is more suttle today as we silently acknowledge our communication and say “I hear you”.

Jenn’s Story

When I experienced confusion, from my West Nile Virus ravaged body ceasing to function normally, for many years it was traumatic for my soul.  I have been learning to build my strength, repair my nervous system, and work on balance with many healers on my team.  This experience has taught me a health intuition to connect with dogs that are experiencing the same challenges due to injury, age, or disease.  We walk through the journey of life together!

My Experience

Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology a CSU 1995

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine for 2 years.  That is a story for another time.

Certified Veterinary Technician at FRCC 2006

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Technician at University of Tennessee 2013

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer with Fit Paws and the University of Tennessee 2017

Certified Personal Trainer with AAAI-ISMA 2018

I want to introduce Melissa Kindt, our nose or scent work instructor for the online class!
Melissa moved to Grand Junction to continue training in scent detection. 

Melissa Kindt has been working with animals for over 25 years. Her first experience in training behavior modification in a canine happened naturally at the age of 12. She grew up in a home full of animals first cats, dogs and pet rodents, and later horses and poultry. Her first horse was green broke and she trained and competed with him before moving away to college to learn to train horses from start to finish. After college she fostered and trained Great Danes, earning obedience and rally titles on her personal Dane and rehabilitating her rescue-fosters. She worked in a dog daycare under Dr Gail Clark for several years, first supervising and training client dogs, and later as a groomer and rehabilitator of “difficult” dogs. She started her first SAR prospect, a German Shepherd, in tracking in 2004 but found his disposition was not suitable for the work. Her current K9 “Hawk”, she selected from his litter of working line Czech Shepherds intentionally for SAR in 2014.

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I want to introduce Samantha R, our Yoga With Your Dog class instructor for the online class!

Samantha Lieurance has owned dogs for over 38 years and loves all sizes, colors and personalities of dog. She enjoys hiking, agility, herding and cuddling her dogs Cedar (Cane Corso/pitty mix) and Sukha (Black Mouth Cur). Sam has been teaching yoga for 16 years. She has her 500-hour yoga alliance certification and is working on her 700-hour certification. Sam’s energy and enthusiasm shines through in each class where she guides her students into a deeper understanding of the mechanics of yoga while adding fun challenges that are tailored to where you are.

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