PAWsome Dog Fitness Private Park

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dog at private park

Live you and your Dogs Best Life

The PAWsome private dog fitness park is a safe place for you to create a stronger relationship with your dog and have fun!

Build mental and physical strength with equipment to work on balance while walking on logs, or feet placement through agility course, and plenty of room to run and fetch a ball or disk.

Did you take an agility class with a local trainer and want more time to practice with your dog?  Schedule single visit or become a member to practice constantly.

Run Free with No Worries

A fenced in space for reactive dogs to have fun too.  You have peace of mind while they play.

Meet your trainer for a distraction free session.

Place to be Social

Meet friends for play dates on neutral ground.

How Do You Visit the Park

Click the link above that fits you and your dogs needs.

Schedule a time on the calendar at least 12 hours before your visit, 6 hours if you are a member of the pack.

Come play at your scheduled time.

Become a fitness park member!

Year round access, 7 days a week

First priority to the park

Access to 1/2 acre space

A session with the trainer included, a $119 value

Specials on classes or workshops

Inside Studio time during bad weather

Easy & affordable monthly payments!

A Facebook group for support and connecting with other park people and pups

If you wait to play or work with your pup will things be different a year from now?

Join our pack now! Click here!

Let us know your thoughts and questions!  Let the PAWer pups and people play.

Jenn is asking Sadie to give paw as she balances on the log


Who is the park for?
  Any well behaved dog and human …

-that wants to add a little variety to their outdoor fun

-working on agility or parkour practice

-LCSAR dog team to build strength so they can protect us

-4H dog teams that want practice on the off season

Where is the park? North of Ft Collins and West of Wellington. You must sign up on a calendar to receive the address so we know you are coming for a visit.

Why only 4 pairs at a time?  It is a safe place to play and will be adjusted as we grow.

Why would I pay for a park when there are free dog parks?  You want to take your dog’s fitness to the next level in a safe environment because we approve the pairs using the facility.

Should I bring water? We will have a water bowl and feel free to bring extra. We will also have a pool in the summer time.

Should I bring poop clean up bags? We will provide them on the fence and feel free to bring extra.

Is there a 1 session visit fee?   Our mission is to help prevent injury in your dog with consistent correct physical exercise and a better relationship with you.   Come for a single visit and check us out. 

If you have more questions you can message us at

We want to hear from you and your PAWer pup!