Do you need expensive dog fitness equipment?

No you do not!!

I believe exercise can be done with very little equipment and still have a great effect of body awareness for your dog.   The 2 keys with any exercise program is the goal and being consistent with the plan.   I teach my clients their are a variety of ways and environments to do exercise with your dog that will strengthen up muscles.   This also creates a stronger bond with you and your dog creating their best life!

Where to buy equipment, if you want it.

I am a FitPAWS dealer and you can email me at to purchase what you need for your dogs goals.  The basic equipment I use is the disk.  It is the first piece I would buy because it is versatile in how you can use it.  As your dog builds on balance then I would add the donut or peanut.

Other Companies

I also love TotoFit.  They were started by a Dr Debbie Gross, a leader in the Canine Rehabilitation field.  The equipment is tough and I love the purple color. The shipping is a bit high and I usually watch for sales to help with that.

Where else to buy equipment

I have found physio balls, skate boards, balance foam and other items at local thrift stores.  I love thrift store shopping and always look in the fitness section.  I have found small trampolines too.  It may be a little harder to find items since the COVID quarantine and people working out at home.  January is usually a great time to look in the second hand stores.

Human equipment companies tend to be less expensive.  The rubber used may not be as tough for animals, they work just as well.  I google exercise disk and companies will come up.

The final important piece

Use the equipment you bought consistently.  If you need help on how to use it appropriately reach out of for a person fitness session or take one of my classes, soon to be online in early 2023.

Leave a comment below as to what is your favorite equipment.

Live you and your dogs best life!