About K9 Fitness Works

I am Jennifer Holmes, Your Personal Canine Fitness Trainer, helping dogs improve their strength since 2012.

I want to add more Fun to your day!

Does your dog move slower?  

Did they stop playing with their favorite toy?

Is there something about your dog a little off?

Is your dog depressed because they are unable to physically go on walks?  

Does your dog climb the walls because they cannot compete due to a repeat injury?     

     You may be frustrated as a dog owner or pet parent when your pup is not happy, depressed, or going crazy from the lack of activity due to injury, disease, or weakness. When your dog is not happy you are not happy. You may be worried to take vacation because they are not 100% or feeling well. You may be unsure if you should compete with your dog because they seem a little off their game.  

     Fitness training sessions provides a safe, trusting, and fun environment to explore ways to improve your dog’s performance with their favorite toy or activity. A little bit of specific daily exercises will build improved strength, body awareness, and mental alertness while creating a stronger dog human bond.

     I have learned exercise, stretching, and nutrition build a foundation for a healthy dog through my work the last 5 years as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. I and the team of veterinarians helped dogs recover from knee, spine, and nerve injuries to play ball again. I also use my health lessons from chronic infection with West Nile Virus to relate to their injuries for a fitness plan. I observe your dog’s individual personalities and behaviors to tailor programs that work for their specific needs. Together we can reach your Pawer Pup’s health goals for a happier long life with you. Contact Jennifer at 970-294-3222 or jholmes@k9fitnessworks.com    

Lets Play!