Paws & Reflect: Cat Fitness Tips

Happy National Answer Cats Questions Day! This week, we’re taking a pause from our usual dog-centric tips to address some common questions about feline fitness. Did you know I’ve had the pleasure of working on fitness routines with geriatric cats and even a pony with a ligament issue? It’s true – health and fitness know no bounds!  Lets pounce on a few tips for the felines.

  1. Can you share fun indoor exercise ideas that stimulate a cat’s natural instincts?

Try feather wands, laser pointers, crinkly balls to encourage cats to move.  Tunnels, climbing structures explore or puzzle feeders to stimulate your cat’s mind and body activity.  Create fun obstacle courses for them with hidden treats.

  1. Is it safe to walk my cat on a leash?

With proper training and the right harness, leash walking can be a safe and enjoyable activity for adventurous cats.   Outdoor exploration in a secure environment, like a catio, can provide mental and physical stimulation.  A catio is an enclosed area for the cat to venture outside with hiding spaces.

  1. How do you tailor workouts for geriatric cats?

Gentle stretching, slow-paced play with a little more interaction from you, and comfortable resting spots are essential for senior cat fitness.   Energy healing is also a great tool to help older cats be comfortable.

Remember, each cat is unique, so adjust activities to suit their preferences and health conditions. If you have specific concerns, consult your veterinarian for personalized advice.

Wishing you and your feline friends a week filled with playful moments and healthy adventures!