Is your dog asking to go to the dog fitness park?

I can help you listen to what your dog is saying, that is for another day.

The dog fitness park is a safe place where you and your dog can improve fitness and have fun.  There is equipment to work on balance while walking on logs, or feet placement through agility course, and plenty of room to run and fetch a ball or disk. 

Currently a maximum 4 pairs of dog and owner will use the park in hour blocks.  We will adjust as growth and feedback from you develops.  The first phase is currently outside so may be available based on weather such as mud and snow.  If you and your dog like to play in mud let us know that!

There is a dollar amount to use it, as a lot of time, effort, and supplies have been put into it.  We wanted to make it a safe place for building physical strength and bond or k9 kinship to mentally challenge each other.  It is $12 a visit or $50/mo or 600/year for unlimited uses.  Your first visit is free or donation and you may sign up for available times on the calendar or the link below.

The process: 

  1. Sign up on the calendar and you will get the exact address.
  2. We will email you a form to fill out with vaccination, physical, and behavioral information of your dog.
  3. Watch the introduction video.
  4. Bring treats if you want to use some and extra water.
  5. Come have some pawer pup fun!

Let us know your thoughts and questions!  Let the pawer pups and people play. 


Where is the park? North of Ft Collins and West of Wellington. You must sign up on a calendar to receive the address so we know you are coming for a visit.

Who is the park for?  Any well behaved dog and human …

-that wants to add a little variety to their outdoor fun

-working on agility or parkour practice

-LCSAR dog team to build strength so they can protect us

-4H dog teams that want practice on the off season

Why only 4 pairs at a time?  It is a safe place to play and will be adjusted as we grow.

Why would I pay for a park when there are free dog parks?  You want to take your dog’s fitness to the next level in a safe environment because we approve the pairs using the facility.

Should I bring water? We will have a water bowl and feel free to bring extra. We will also have a pool in the summer time.

Should I bring poop clean up bags? We will provide them on the fence and feel free to bring extra.

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